Astym (A-stim) is a tool-based massage therapy that regenerates healthy soft tissues and eliminates or reduces unwanted scar tissue. One of the main reasons Asytm works when other treatments fail is that it was scientifically developed to resolve the underlying cause of soft tissue problems. Asytm treatment is unmatched in its ability to resolve tendinopathies, scar tissue problems and other soft tissue dysfunctions.

Scarring can happen on top of the skin, but often the biggest problems come from scar tissue that forms inside the body around joints, muscles, tendons and/or ligaments. The body naturally lays down some scar tissue in response to irritation or injury. This tissue is meant to reinforce the injured area, but often it ends up restricting movement and causing pain. The causes of problem scar tissue can be injury, surgery or intense or over use of soft tissues. Asytm works to break down the problem scar tissue and help the body regenerate good healthy tissue. Reducing pain and increasing range of motion.